$4,500.00 USD

This is a product, not a service, so there's no W-9 at year's end. This product is non-refundable.

Private Coaching: Creating and Completing a TV Pilot Script (Half-hour or One-hour)

Over the course of 8 weeks, via one-hour, 2x a week sessions, Tom will personally take you from idea to a polished first draft (by phone or Zoom).

How to get started:

  1. Complete checkout for your coaching package
  2. Following registration, we will reach out to schedule your sessions (within 1 business day)

What we'll cover

Week 1-2:
This is the "ideation" phase. We agree on the concept, "comps" we can compare the project to successfully, the lead character, the story, her supporting characters - - assets and adversaries, a beat-sheet and ultimately, a finely honed outline

"The Writing Intensive Tutorial": Between the "ideation" phase and the actual writing of the screenplay, Tom provides a two hour tutorial where he carefully brings to life the tools that will elevate your writing to "A-level" expertise

Week 3-6/7:
This is the "execution" phase where Tom gives you notes on your pages (usually 7-9 per session that you turn in); you then revise the pages based on Tom's notes and the process continues with the next set of pages until the pilot's complete

Week 7/8:
Having finished your pilot, fully revised over the course of the sessions working with Tom, you now have a polished script for Tom to review and on which to provide notes. Depending on your turn-around, Tom may provide a second set of notes on the draft, based solely on whether you can get a second draft submitted before the end of the 8 week schedule