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Private Coaching: Career Blueprinting

Over the course of six, one-hour sessions with Tom personally (either via phone or Zoom), Tom will work with you to craft and customize a reliable blueprint for your future success, with a plan that is bright, vivid and time-saving.

Unlike virtually every other profession where clear and obvious steps are provided for newcomers, "making it in Hollywood" can be a huge mystery, even for those who have graduated from undergrad and MFA programs at the most elite film schools across the U.S.

Tom understands how confusing and difficult it can be to find and climb Hollywood's "invisible ladder to success" - - but there's good news: he has a way forward that's simple, clear and easy-to-follow, that will be customized for your specific entertainment career trajectory.

Tom has worked with thousands of complete outsiders to Hollywood on up through total insiders with film school expertise, past internships and jobs already in entertainment.

How to get started:

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