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Essential Industry Videos Bundle: Masterclass-style videos + actionable, deep-dive study-guides

Get the entire collection of 12 videos + study guides, addressing key questions about industry protocols and expectations with practical, insider solutions

Titles Included:

  • How Do Studios, Networks, and Streamers Differ?
  • 5 Steps to Build Your Entertainment Career
  • Getting Work Without Representation
  • Choosing the Best Career Path: Writing, Directing, Acting or Producing…Or a Hybrid-Artist?
  • The Invisible Ladder
  • Agent, Manager, Lawyer—What’s the difference,and when do I need them?
  • Partnerships in the Entertainment Industry
  • Rookie Mistakes
  • Essential Pitch Ingredients
  • What Every Creator Needs to be Successful
  • Finding Your Singular Voice
  • What Do Buyers Expect from New Creators?